Info about the film and the filmmakers 

This film is Iceland’s first full-feature, non-narrative film. The film running time is 70 minutes and was set out to present Iceland in a way it has never been presented before, using many elements of higher-end cinematography.

There are places everyone knows, but there are also thousands of well hidden places. To find these locations one has to be adventurous or a local, and to capture them right, one has to be creative and extremely patient.

The film features an original score from Professor Kliq (professorkliq.com) and additional music from Ólafur Arnalds (olafurarnalds.com), Friðjón Jónsson, Trabant and Mono (monoofjapan.com).

Heild in numbers

3 years

It took over 3 years to make Heild. Two and a half year shooting and mixed with one and a half editing and post-production.

> 50.000 km

We drove more than 50.000 km around Iceland for this film, which is more than one circle around the world.

3 TB

Material for this film is around 3 TB in size.


There are approx 95.000 RAW photographs compiled into timelapses in this film.

Pétur Kristján Guðmundsson

Director, Producer, DOP, Editor

The person behind this masterpiece is an incredibly inspiring human being and undeniably very much one of a kind. In our opinion it is completely imperative for all of you to learn a little bit about his story, to somehow better understand and appreciate the film and all the years of hard work put into it.

I have been given the privilege to briefly introduce to you this absolutely unique human being, Petur Kristjan Gudmundsson, a dear friend of mine who inspires me every single day and has taught all of us so much about resilience and about going after what you want, no matter how enormous your dreams and visions may be.

Petur Kristjan Gudmundsson started making the film Heild after having been in a tragic accident in Austria that left him paralyzed from his waist down. With only half a body fully functioning he still decided to embark on his life’s largest project. He drove over 50.000 km around Iceland to film the country’s most amazing locations. With the help of friends and family members, who sometimes had to literately carry him on their backs over highlands and mountains (where it was impossible to get around in a wheel chair or on crouches) his vision started becoming reality.

This project has not been a smooth ride, all of us who know Petur know that. Severe chronic nerve pain in his paralyzed legs has immensely lowered his quality of life and made life incredibly hard for him, and for us watching without being able to do much about it. Yet, his unbelievable resilience has always somehow shone through and he has accomplished to create this beautiful masterpiece Heild, which we are now about to share with the world.

We are all so proud of Petur and every single day we feel grateful for having been introduced to this magnificent human being. We love you to pieces Petur, thanks for having allowed us to be a part of this adventurous journey with you.

Unnur María Birgisdóttir

Arnþór Tryggvason

Producer, Cinematographer

Helgi Karl Guðmundsson

Producer, Cinematographer

Unnur María Birgisdóttir


Skapti Magnús Birgisson

Producer, Cinematographer

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